We all love when Tanmay Bhat of comic group AIB roasts people. But when he decided to roast two of India’s greatest legends- Sachin Tendukar and Lata Mangeshkar, the result wasn’t pretty.

Probably, in his attempt to create humour he took things a bit too far when he posted a video on 26th May on Facebook titled “Sachin vs Lata Civil War” and cracked apparently not-so-funny jokes about both these legends.

The video apparently didn’t go down well with some of his fans. Some viewers slammed Tanmay, and bombarded him with negative comments.

Meanwhile, a number of Bollywood celebrities also criticised Bhat for “insulting” the two veterans in the name of comedy and asked him to apologize.

Check out how these celebrities lashed at him:

Even KRK had something to say

However, the standup comedian seemed to have sensed what’s coming his way and tweeted

It was only last week that Bhat had garnered positive responses after his Snapchat rant on the meaning of feminism went viral. But after this video which has ruffled many a feathers, seems that he should take it slow.