How would you dispose of a bomb? Maybe you would suit-up. Maybe wear a big padded vest with bigger head-gear. Or maybe you would use a remote-controlled bomb disposal robot. Or maybe you would…

… put the bomb in a bucket of water and then beat the shit out of it.

Because ladies and gentlemen, that is EXACTLY what our fellows over at the Uttar Pradesh Police did.

Source: The Times Of India

Reported by The Times Of India , a dozen or so country-made bombs were found near a staircase of a crowded library in Agra. An alert was sounded and on the scene arrived two cops, with as much experience as we display while extinguishing fire crackers during Diwali; they simply decided to dunk the bombs in a bucket of water.

They did not inform their seniors or the bomb disposal squad. They decided they were way too dabangg for it.

The crowd, understandably, was confused and amused. So when a bystander pointed out that the bombs may explode in the water, they did something even more awesome: they beat the bombs with sticks and stones.

Too much Bollywood? Maybe.

Just to balance stuff out, bombs exploding in Hollywood.

No difference at all.

We do not wish to question their intention. And in all honesty, doing what they did, required some serious guts.

While they may make great contestants on Khatron Ke Khiladi , the presence of a crowded library and a primary school nearby, prudence and some common sense may have been the need of the hour.

“Later, they rode off on a bike, taking the bucket along”

God bless them.

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