The censor board has run into enough controversy over the last few months, with Ms. Leela Samson resigning because of MSG and the new chief Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani openly sporting his love for BJP and making not so comforting comments about his idea of censoring Indian cinema.

At the centre of the latest row is Mihir Joshi’s song ‘ Sorry ‘, because the censors apparently muted out the word ‘Bombay’ from the song.

Going by the date on the certificate, it seems that it was during Leela Samson’s time that the ‘muting’ was done. Ironically, it is Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi’s tweet which implicitly indicts Leela Samson, while asking a valid question.

This controversy spilled over onto the social media platforms with many questioning and mocking the move to edit the word ‘Bombay’ out from the song.

Some took a slightly more sincere tune in helping the board out:

Of course, the prediction of a post-Nihalani dystopian Indian cinema.

And stock up, lest we run dry.

And when sometimes, the craziest tweets just make such profound sense.

Whatever be the case, Leela Samson is more than responsible for the editing. The new chief should at least change the censor’s stance this issue.

Of course, the way he seems to be headed, there are bound to be many things which may indeed go wrong in the future, much worse than editing the name out of a song.

Meanwhile, adorable foreign ignorance.

February 2, 2015

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