If there’s one thing Malayalees knows to do, it is to queue up outside a booze store!

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We’re not kidding. While people elsewhere might throng liquor stores to get their hands on some alcohol, people in Kerala queue up meticulously and await their turn.

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The queues stretch on and on, and sometimes even leads to traffic jams.

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So to avoid all that, the Kerala State Beverages Cooperation (KSBC) has proposed a plan to introduce liquor vending machines outside the stores and reduce these queues. 

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Once the vending machines are set up, customers can deposit cash and get their booze.

Of course, there will be a restriction on the number of bottles each person can buy.


All this is thanks to the Kerala High Court’s order to KSBC last July to figure out a way to put an end to the serpentine queues outside liquor stores.

Along with this proposed plan, all Bevcos are in the process of becoming fully computerised. A mobile app with information about branch locations and brands available is also set to be launched soon.

H/T: Manorama