Does the Red Wedding evoke a poignant yet deadly memory or is it something that you’d rather discuss with your peers? Depending on your answer, you might want to enroll in an awesome course at the University of British Columbia .

Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion is actually a course in Durham University but if that is too kiddish for you and your obsession is the Game Of Thrones , then here is a chance to study the answers to questions like ‘What does Jon Snow not know’ or even ‘Why Winter is coming?’.

The new course will look to analyse the works of George R R Martin and the television series which has completed five seasons.

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“Throughout the history of western culture, the medieval has been continually reimagined to reflect, as in a mirror darkly, the fears and desires of the contemporary moment. For the writers of the Renaissance, the medieval was the abject other from which the rebirth of classical learning had liberated them, while the Victorians found in the Middle Ages arch typical structures of Empire and class-orientated chivalry. This course seeks to examine the role of the medieval in the popular consciousness of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries,” the website explained.

“The course will involve the reading of the five books (thus far) of the series, and the watching of the five season of the HBO series. Please make sure you’ve read these before the course begins, as it will problematic to try to catch up if you have not done so,” the syllabus reads.

In the course, topics for discussion will include, women, politics, monsters, disability, nature, history, chivalry, objects, place, religion, sexuality and race.

“Please note that Martin’s novels (and the HBO series) include numerous scenes of violence and sexuality, so if you are uncomfortable with such material, you may wish to take a different 490 course,” the website has notified.

Has the world turned into a better place to live in or have we all turned into complete GoT nerds?

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