Remember the time our parents used to enter the room and we used to act like we were studying? Yeah, I still do that as a 26-year-old who graduated 5 years ago. 

Not these young kids, though. 

A class 10 student from Vadodara, on being scolded by his parents for lack of dedication towards studies, fled to Goa with ₹1.5 lakh and spent it on club hopping. 

Travel Triangle

The guy went to the railway station after getting an earful from his parents and grandfather but couldn’t get a ticket because he was not carrying his Aadhaar card. 

So he went to a bus stop and bought a ticket for Pune. From there, he went to Goa and had the time of his life. 

We Are From Latvia

Obviously, he ran out of money soon and had to return. And he was trying to be smart about the entire thing. He bought a different sim when he landed in Pune but he didn’t know that the police was tracking his phone, so as soon as he switched it on, they got his location and got him back home.

What a guy!