Controversial BJP MP Vitthal Radadiya from Porbandar, Gujarat on Tuesday “admitted” to kicking an elderly man during a music event recently in Rajkot. But he also had the audacity to term it a “small incident”, reports Times Of India.

Radadiya said: 

“He was a beggar staying at the venue of the event since a week. He was not a Mahatma or a saint. That man was spreading superstition, as he was continuously shaking his head and body when artists were singing. His act also disturbed many others, including women, as they felt uncomfortable due to his weird acts”

His justification comes days after a video surfaced showing the Porbandar MP kicking the man at the function, held at Jamkandorna town in Rajkot district.

He also said he would do it again if required. 

The BJP lawmaker had earlier denied the attack.

The video which emerged showed an agitated Radadiya approaching the man sitting in a makeshift tent at the folk music event and then kicking him even as the latter prayed to be spared. The video also showed Radadiya picking up the man’s belongings and gesturing him to leave the spot. 

Though no FIR has been filed by the unidentified man against Radadiya, Rajkot police on Monday took up the matter suo motu and started their investigation and sent the video for forensic analysis. 

(Feature image source: Twitter | @ndtv)