When it comes to distinguishing between fact and fiction, we, Indians never had a very good record considering the number of rumours we often fall for. And here is another rumour which is making several women in Karnataka break their mangalsutras (the necklace worn after marriage). 

A  strange rumour has been doing the rounds in several parts of Karnataka in which it is being said that the beads of  women’s mangalsutra bring misfortune to their husbands. Thousands of women thus began smashing the red coral beads on their mangalsutras. It only stopped on Wednesday after a TV channel called the news fake, reports Indian Express.  


The weird trend was witnessed in six districts in Karnataka and a few border districts of Andhra Pradesh. When the situation went out of hand, the state government had to issue a public appeal asking people to not fall for such rumours, reports The Times of India.

The authorities are clueless about how it all started and have launched an investigation to find out those responsible for it.

(Feature image is representational | Source: Flickr)