All hell broke loose when a bride saw her would-be husband do the ‘naagin’ dance on her wedding day in Uttar Pradesh. 

Drunk in ecstasy (both literally and figuratively) and surrounded with friends, the groom broke into the (mandatory?) dance just before the ceremony in UP’s Shahjahanpur district on Tuesday night. 

However, his cringe-worthy attempt convinced the bride to call off the wedding, reported The Times of India.

(Video for representation)

Anubhav Mishra, who was all set to marry 23-year-old Priyanka Tripathi had to return home with his family after she refused to tie the knot following his ‘grand’ performance.

Mishra was to be formally welcomed by the bride’s family but moments before the ceremony, he was spotted rolling on the floor while his friends showered money. 

Stunned and embarrassed, the bride realised that the drunk man wasn’t a suitable match and thus called off the wedding. While the groom’s family tried everything from persuasion to threats to convince her, the bride stood her ground.


The report also said that the bride married another man just the next day, this time a sober one.

(Feature image source: Reuters)