As per a report in The Times of India, Delhi police have received a report from Google and Youtube about the Internet browsing history of Najeeb Ahmed’s laptop before he went missing from the JNU campus.

The reports reveal that most of the videos Najeeb watched in the months before his disappearance were those related to the Islamic State. He looked up for ISIS’s ideology, executions and network as well as ways to join IS. 

In fact, on the night of October 14 when Najeeb had a scuffle with ABVP members, he was watching a video of the speech of an IS leader as per police.

What next?

This revelation raises suspicion of whether Najeeb was radicalised. The Delhi police and the counter-intelligence agency are together exploring the possibility of Najeeb being lured away via Nepal. They have even put up posters with Najeeb’s photograph in several areas of Nepal that are close to UP.

The police have also submitted the details of Najeeb’s browsing history in the Delhi high court.

However, the police is maintaining that investigations haven’t yet pointed to Najeeb’s association with ISIS:

Najeeb has been missing for four months now

Najeeb went missing on October 15, a day after his scuffle with fellow students, leaving behind all his belongings, including, mobile phone, wallet, clothes and keys.

So far, the police have checked over 150 mosques and madrasas in Agra, Badaun and other places in western UP, and Ajmer after reports that Najeeb was religious by nature

In December, more than 600 Delhi Police personnel scanned the entire JNU campus with sniffer dogs

The police have also announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh for any information about him.