In order to preserve Ganga river, time and again, fervent pleas are made to Indians across the world to contribute to the Namami Ganga and Swacch Bharat campaigns by the Centre.

But a bureaucrat in Allahabad is apparently least concerned about the initiative. Additional District Magistrate (ADM) O.P. Srivastava was caught urinating in the Triveni Sangam(confluence of three rivers – Ganga, Yamina and Saraswati) during a meeting to discuss for upcoming Triveni Mahotsav, says a report by ANI, which has gone viral on the social media.

The irony of the shameful act is that Srivastava is seen wearing a ‘Clean Ganga’ t-shirt while relieving himself. 

However, Srivastava has denied the allegations by saying that he was just washing his hands.

“It’s a wrong news. I was just washing my hands and adjusting my pants. I was not urinating. I was 15-20 feet away from the river. Like any other Hindu, I also respect ‘Triveni Sangam’ a lot. I would not do such a thing,” Srivastava said to ANI.

Here’s the video: