In a bizarre incident of road rage in Gurgaon, a bus driver allegedly tried to crush a toll plaza manager under the wheels, on asked to pay a toll tax of Rs 60. 

The incident happened around 11 pm yesterday when a bus, belonging to a private city bus service, reached the Kherki Daula toll plaza and the driver tried to flee when asked to pay the toll tax by the toll collector, police said. 

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On seeing that driver was trying to flee without paying, the manager signalled the driver to stop but he tried to crush him under the wheels. The manager jumped aside to save himself, they said. 

The incident was captured on CCTV which the toll company later handed over to Gurgaon Police, based on which a case was registered against the accused bus driver in Kherki Daula police station.

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In another incident on Friday, a toll collector was manhandled in his toll plaza office in Gurgaon allegedly by 6-7 persons after he asked a truck driver to pay the toll tax, police said. 

This incident was also captured on CCTV. The driver refused to pay, saying he was from the area and also showed the toll collector a registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle, as local people are exempted from paying toll tax. 

But the toll collector refused to allow him to go without saying as the RC was “forged”, following which the driver called some people from a nearby village and manhandled him, police said. Gurgaon Police PRO Hawa Singh said that in both the incidents, police have registered cases against people yet to be identified. 

“We are examining CCTV footage given by the toll staff and are investigating,” he said.