The pandemic has not been kind to us in the past two years but it’s been extra hard on people who are daily wage workers. 

Tulsi Kumar from Jamshedpur was was struggling to attend her online classes due to a lack of access to the internet and proper cellphone. She used to sell mangoes on the roadside for support. 


After hearing her story, Ameya Hete, a businessman, was moved to help her and bought one dozen mangoes from her at a whopping cost of ₹1.2 lakhs. This means he paid ₹10,000 for each mango. 

Although reaching out to the girl was a tough task but this was made possible through the initiative of News18 Network. 

The amount was transferred to the girl’s father’s account after which, she was provided with a phone worth ₹13,000 along with a year-long internet connection. 


While in conversation with News18, Ameya mentioned that: 

Tulsi is a very smart and hardworking student. We are happy if she completes her education with the help we have given. We will continue to help her when she needs it. 

This is what people had to say on Twitter. 

People have been struggling due to coronavirus in unimaginable ways, but thanks to people like Ameya, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.