Dibakar Banerjee’s film Detective Byomkesh Bakshy is all set to release on Friday, April 3. Starring Bollywood’s guy-to-look-out-for Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead, the promotional team for the film is going all out to make this one unique.

Team Byomkesh recently arranged a poster design competition, modelled after its graphic novel-styled official poster . The top ten entries they received from creative, yet active movie lovers are nothing short of extraordinary.

And guess what? We got our hands on all 10 of them.

The first poster, made by Arka Chakraborty, won the contest.

Dibakar Banerjee shares the reason for picking Arka’s design: “Because there is some air of mystery in it. You get to see the detective, detective’s sidekick and the villain who is not revealed. Simple and minimalistic.”

1. Expect the unexpected

Poster by Arka Chakraborty.

2. The classical mystery

Poster by Abhishek Choudhury.

3. Dark nights and Byomkesh

Poster by Ashraf Ghori

4. The patient observer

Poster by Ashwani Singh

5. Bhadralok in action

Poster by Jairam Ramachandran

6. The deceiving spy

Poster by Manoj Nath

7. Drama reloaded

Poster by Mukund Narayan

8. Private eye-ing

Poster by Shabaz Khan

9. The safeguard of truth

Poster by Souvik Mitra

10. Ready to startle all

Poster by Swarnava Bera

Which one do you think is the most interesting?