The Citizenship Amendment Act has hit the country like a storm. People from every corner of the nation have been protesting against the said act (and the possible introduction of NRC in the future) and have organised a mass protests today in major cities of India. 

Even though Section 144 has been imposed in many parts of the states ruled by the BJP government, the protesters have not backed out. Here are pictures of protests from different states in the last 24 hours. 

New Delhi

A large group of people are protesting currently at Red Fort. 

JNU student Umar Khalid detained at Red Fort. 

Visuals at Jantar Mantar and Mandi House

People chant Inquilab Zindabad as Yogendra Yadav gets detained at Red Fort. 

Karnataka : One of India’s most prominent intellectuals Ram Guha was one of the protesters today who was mistreated and detained by the Bengaluru Police. 

Visuals of people protesting in Bengaluru. 

Police detains protesters in Town Hall, Bengaluru

Bhopal : People protest against NRC act in large numbers.  

Chandigarh: Muslim organisations protest against NRC and CAA.  


Mumbaikars congregate in Bandra to protest against CAA. 

People chant the national anthem of India while protesting. 

Tamil Nadu: People took to the streets in Trichy to protest against the act.  

Pune people too have joined in the protests against the CAA and NRC act. 

Kerala : Peaceful protesters get attacked while protesting in the state. 

Haryana : Over one lakh people go forward with a peaceful protest in Mewat against CAA act.  

Bihar : Students in Patna stop trains in a protest against CAA. 

People protesting in Katihar. 

Assam: People have been protesting against The Citizenship Amendment Act since the time it has been implemented and are continuing to do so. 

People from every nook and corner of the country have joined in the protest against The Citizenship Amendment Act.