Sometimes, people indulge in crazy shit that they might end up regretting later. This time, it was a wine heist like you’ve never seen before. 

A man from California was arrested by the cops, in his underwear, for drinking red wine from a moving truck and spilling thousands of litres worth of wine onto the road.

According to reports, Gabriel Moreno, the suspect signaled for the truck to pull over and he started running towards the truck’s passenger side door. He came out of his car wearing an underwear and a mask.

Startled by the bizarre encounter, the truck driver started moving away in an attempt to leave the scene but as the truck pulled away, Mr Moreno leapt onto the vehicle. 

What he did next was totally unexpected. He climbed beneath the moving tanker truck on Highway 99 near Moreno, California and managed to open its valve and began drinking red wine. 

Of course, the truck driver had no clue that Moreno climbed onto the side of the truck and by the time he realized, the damage was already done. 

Eventually, when the truck driver noticed wine spilled on the road he pulled over and called the California State Highway Patrol. Speaking about the incident, Modesto CHP patrolman Tom Olsen said:

This individual was able to release the wine from under the tanker, and he placed himself underneath the tanker in such a manner, the best way to describe this was somebody doing like, snow angels.

Apparently, more than 1,000 gallons of wine, enough to fill 5,000 bottles was lost in this bizzare heist. Mr Gabriel was taken into custody for the mess he had created on the highway.

This thirsty man took the art of wine tasting to a whole new level.