Finding camouflaged animals is a fun game that we’ve been playing for years. And sometimes, it’s pretty easy too. But while scrolling through Twitter we found a photo by Hemant Dabi, which had a camouflaged leopard in it.

Now, fair disclaimer, i can’t usually find things that are in plain sight even with my glasses on, so finding a camouflaged leopard would be next to impossible for me. But, thankfully, I was not the only one and others were having a hard time finding it too.

Just like the commentators above, I too would be the leopard’s dinner for I couldn’t find it for good five minutes. If you still wanna give it a try, here’s a tip –

If you still couldn’t find it, let me not be an ass who spikes someone’s curiosity and then leaves them hanging, and show you instead –

So, tell us, were you able to find it without some help?