No words will ever be enough to express the worth of essential services workers doing their duties during the pandemic.

While it's good to show gratitude, Canadian government has done something substantial for the country's essential workers.

Source: HT

In a latest announcement, PM Justin Trudeau said that Canada and all of its provinces and territories will increase pay for essential workers.

He said:

If you are risking your health to keep this country moving and you're making minimum wage, you deserve a raise. 

According to reports, the government has made an agreement with provinces and territories to spend more than $3 billion for this initiative.

In the new agreement, wages for essential workers earning less than about $1,800 a month will be raised.

Source: citynewstoronto

People, around the world, are impressed by this move and want their governments to take a cue.

This sure seems to be a better option than claps and flowers.