Dogs have always been a crucial part of the Defence Services of the country. Reportedly, the Indian Army is training its dogs to help them in their operations by putting AV (audio-video) surveillance devices with bulletproof jackets on them. 

Veterinary surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel V Kamal Raj who is the commanding officer (CO) of the 26 Army Dog Unit has developed these AV devices.   

After being asked about this survellience device, the CO mentioned, 

It can give us real-time details and can work as our eyes and ears during any operations, especially with terrorists. The Army can send in a dog with this device which can give us details from a distance of one km and send output through a system.   

Regarding the safety of the dogs, Lt. Colonel Kamal Raj added,  

We train our Army dogs for umpteen number of purposes, it’s our utmost responsibility to give them protection. In case of any face-off with the enemy, the buletproof jackets will save them from any deadly firing. 

Dog mounted cameras are being used across the world by various K9 units.