Common notion prevails that alcohol is harmful for our health. It indeed is. But for this Vietnamese man, it served to be a boon.


According to a report by DailyMail, 48-year-old, Nguyen Van Nhat was rushed to hospital when he passed out after the methanol levels in his body were found to be 1,119 times higher than the permissible limit. 

Methanol in his body oxidised to formaldehyde which further turned into formic acid, proving fatal for him. Doctors needed time to perform dialysis, and therefore they resorted to the use of beer.

Tap Trail

Beer contains ethanol, and human stomach breaks down ethanol on priority over methanol. 

Initially, one litre of beer was transfused into his stomach, and later one can of beer was pumped every hour. Nhat regained consciousness after 15 cans of beer were pumped into his belly.


Transfusing beer into the patient’s body gave doctors the time they needed and helped save his life.