A car thief in Seattle must be praising his good luck when he stumbled upon a brand new BMW with the keys still left inside. Careless owner, he must have thought! 

The 38-year-old man soon hopped into the car with the aim of stealing it but not before taking it for a joy ride. We are not sure what came upon him, when he thought it might be a good idea to take a nap inside a stolen car. Soon, he slipped deep into slumber unawares of what’s coming his way.

b’Source: Reuters’

Meanwhile, the owner reported the missing car to the police who contacted BMW, who then used their tracking system to locate the vehicle. The car soon turned into a detention unit when BMW remotely locked him inside while Seattle police was on its way to catch him.

Hilarity ensued when officers found the car parked with the thief snoozing inside the car. The Seattle Police Department, narrated the funny incident in a blog and wrote,

“BMW employees were able to remotely lock the car’s doors, trapping the suspect inside, presumably while hissing something terrifying like ‘I’m not locked in here with you, you‘re locked in here with me’ into the car’s sound system.”

b’Source: Reuters’

When surrounded by officers and awoken from sleep, he tried to drive away, but could not get the car into gear. The man was later arrested and charged with auto theft and drug possession due to the small amount of methamphetamine discovered on him, police said.

All hail technology!

(Information sourced from Seattle Police Department blog)