Vijayan was left a tea shop and lots of financial responsibilities as inheritance. An enthusiastic traveller, 65-year-old Vijayan’s wanderlust dreams came to an abrupt halt when he lost his father. But Vijayan was not one to be defeated.

This inspiring man has travelled extensively within India, as well as to 16 other countries, including Britain, Egypt, France and Austria.

First published in Newsminute , his story is inspirational to both the young and elderly.

Source: Newsminute

Vijayan’s only source of income today, as it was 40 years ago, is his tea stall.

The tea-seller shares his passion for travel with his wife, Mohana. The couple reveals that the only way to finance their travels is via loans, which are not easy to come by considering his age.

Source: Newsminute

The question then is, how does he get the money?

Vijayan tucks away Rs 300 a day for tickets, their expenditure while on holiday is close to nothing and they spend the next three years paying off the bank loan. No, we’re not making this up.

Source: Newsminute

They don’t travel lavishly and they don’t feel the need.

So many of us spend all our lives accumulating money, so few of us truly amass wealth. This man is richer, for his experiences, his journey and a life dedicated to fulfilling his dream.

Source: Newsminute

They still have one more trip on their bucket list. Destination USA.

And we’re rooting for you, Vijayan and Mohana!