A lot is being said and written about the plight of migrant workers across India. While pictures and videos of them are already doing the rounds on social media, Indian cartoonists have also sketched their imagination.

These sketches and cartoons are hard hitting and speak a lot about the prevailing situation.

Like the ones drawn by Satish Acharya when PM Modi announced the Rs. 20 lakh crore financial package.

Unsure about the government help reaching them on time, the poor of India are helpless right now. A BBC journalist sketched this feeling.

Remember the picture of a tired kid sleeping on a suitcase?

This is Satish Acharya’s beautiful yet heartbreaking rendition of it.

No fitter tribute could have been given to the migrant workers being killed every day in accidents.

This cartoon in Mumbai Mirror summed up the apathy of urban India towards the poor and marginalised.

This one showing government’s attempts to revive the economy.

When PM Modi urged Indians to become atma nirbhar, Cartoonist Manjul visualised it in the best way.

Other hard-hitting cartoons from the recent past.


Satire, humour, or crisis, cartoons are the best way to put every situation into perspective.