Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America is, perhaps, the worst nightmare for people who like their sanity intact, But unfortunately (or fortunately), the reality is that he is in the race. The audacious motormouth might even have inspired the likes of Kanye West to contest in the next elections. But there are a whole range of candidates coming out as alternatives to the foot-in-the-mouth king of America.

The list of candidates which are much preferred alternatives to Donald ‘rant-man’ Trump, includes everyone from an actor to a night time bar tender. But our favourite bet for US presidency is Limberbutt McCubbins — a cat from Louiseville, Kentucky.

Limberbutt McCubbins | Source: Facebook

Yes you got that right, a cat is giving a whole new dimension to the American dream by entering the race for presidency. Given the number of people in love with cat GIFs on the social media, and a “genius” like Donald Trump being on the other side, Limberbutt keeping hopes high is not entirely that bad an idea.

Six-year-old McCubbins communicates through his spokeswoman Emilee McCubbins. In an interview with The Guardian, he put his chances of winning at “50-60%”. His policies include legalising ‘gay cat marriage’ and adding a provision for subsidising veterinarian care in the Affordable Care Act, in addition to pushing for environmental protection and expanding space exploration.

In addition to being the first ever cat to become a head of state, the gray feline will also be a good friend for Indians as he seeks a raise in the H-1B visa cap. Limberbutt also has a good following on social media with over 10,000 likes on Facebook .

Watch out, Donald Trump. This cat is all set to make voters go meow.