It has been weeks since Vijay Mallya left the country amid a trial regarding non-payment of loans worth Rs 9000 crore to banks. The nation is gripped by a debate with the opposition, the court and the citizens wondering how banks gave loans to a defaulter, and just how he managed to flee despite a look out notice against him.

So a woman in Mumbai, who was travelling without ticket, posed this question to a TC. And obviously left them stunned.

A resident of Bhuleshwar in south Mumbai, Premlata Bhansali was returning home from Elphinstone station on Sunday, when she was stopped by a TC at Mahalaxmi station. Since she had not purchased the Rs 10 ticket, Bhansali was fined Rs 260, following which she demanded to see the station master, and asked that if authorities let Mallya get away with Rs 9000 crore, why were they fining her over a Rs 10 ticket, Mumbai Mirror reported.

The incident was picked up by Twitteratti that came up with some awesome reactions.

The woman apparently went on and on about Mallya and argued for 12 hours over it, claiming that this was her way of fighting for the poor. The exhausted railway officials later summoned her husband, took Premlata for a medical checkup and let her go at 11.40 in the night.