While the ongoing board exams for this academic session have got the students of 10th and 12th worried with the usual exam anxiety, CBSE has come out with a rap to help the students beat the exam stress.  

India TV

Titled as the “CBSE Exam Anthem”, the groovy beats, upbeat tunes and meaningful lyrics of this rap is a great way to connect with the students to boost their morale and give them precautionary steps to avoid exam anxiety.

Focusing on the need to have a set schedule during exams, the rap focuses on the need to incorporate recreational activities too.  

Urging people to not mug up things and instead understand the concepts, CBSE emphasises on the need to study for your personal growth instead of entering the rat race. 

Encouraging the students to not forget their passion and talents, CBSE tells students that exams and marks aren’t the only measure of success. 

The lyrics of this feel-good rap which gives us major Gully Boy feels was written by a small team at CBSE and a few paragraphs were penned by the Chairperson, Anita Karwal too. 

Recorded by students and staff of Delhi Public Scool from the national capital, this initiative of CBSE to boost the morale of students while teaching them and their families that exams are just part and parcel of life is much needed. 

Watch the entire “CBSE Exam Anthem” here: