The producers of the American Music Awards had said that they would feature a tribute to the victims of the terror strikes in Paris that left over 120 dead. But what Celine Dion’s tribute did was give goosebumps and reduce many in the audience to tears.

Introduced by Jared Leto, the Canadian singer sang legendary French singer Edith Piaf’s Hymne à L’amour (A hymn to love), even as visuals of Paris and of people in the aftermath of the attacks played on giant screens behind her. Touching and poignant, the performance moved many in the audience to tears.

Here’s a video of her performance:

According to one website, the lyrics of the song translate to:

The blue sky over us can collapse on itselfand the ground can (really) cave in.Little matters to me if you love meI couldn’t care less about the whole world

As long as love will flood my morningsAs long as my body will tremble under your handsThe problems make little difference to meMy love, because you love me.

I will go to the end of the worldI will dye my hair blondIf you ask me toI will go take down the moonI will steal fortuneif you ask me to.

I will renounce my countryI will renounce my friendsif you ask me to.One could really laugh at meI will do anythingif you ask me to.

if one day life tears you away from meif you die than you will be far from mewhat’s it matter if you love mebecause I will die too.We will have for us, eternityin the blue of all the immensityin heaven, no more problemsmy love do you believe that we love each otherGod, reunite those who love each other.

And just in case you’re wondering what the original sounds like: