Dan Price runs Gravity Payments which is a company based out of Seattle. He signed up for a $1 million pay cut from his salary so that he could pay more to his employees.

Jim Seida / NBC News/ CNN News

Reportedly, this US-based boss opted for a 90% pay cut in his wages so that his staff could receive a $70,000 as minimum salary. 

Gravity/ BBC

Dan Price took this step back in 2015 and since then his company has grown three times more. He shared that his staff turnover has dropped by half and they’re even leading better lives. 

After doing the math, Dan rounded the figure to be $70,000 as a minimum salary that’ll be offered to the employees.

Gravity Payments

To pay this amount to his staff, he not only sustained a salary cut, mortgaged his two houses but also gave up on his stocks and savings.

While in conversation with the BBC, Dan shared that: 

Before the $70,000 minimum wage, we were having between zero and two babies born per year amongst the team. 

It has been 4 and a half year since the announcement and they have had more than 40 babies. 

Gravity/ BBC

Not just that, in his tweet, Dan mentioned that because of this strategy, employees who owned houses saw 10x growth rate, 70% of them were able to pay off debts. 

The company now has double the national average. 

John Keatley/ Inc

This goes on to say that if more companies make such decisions, employees will be happier and work harder.