If you’ve been having a hard time finding your “soulmate” (so to speak) on a dating app maybe you are looking in the wrong place. According to a new study your chances of finding someone are apparently higher on an airplane than they are on any dating app. 
The study, conducted by HSBC found that 1 in 50 airplane passengers meet the love of their life on an aircraft. And, the remaining 49% generally end up annoying the hell out of each other as they travel. 

According to an article published by CNN, about 2,150 people were interviewed from 141 countries and participants were asked about the possibility of meeting “the love of their life” in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the sky. 


HSBC’s study further reveals that over half of the airplane passengers start a conversation with a stranger on the plane so, it’s safe to say that friendships, too are formed when you’re miles above ground level. 

This technically also means that about 16% of fliers add a new business connection to their network. 


Airborne romance may sound like a fairy tale but there’s more to it. These reports further state that about 48% of surveyed passengers freaked out when their fellow passengers removed their shoes, 65% were put off when another traveler was rude to a flight attendant and about 46% complained about their fellow passenger drinking too much.

Well, these statistics show that in order to impress your seat buddy, one needs to learn to respect the fellow passenger’s personal space. 


So, as long as you are respectful and considerate about your fellow passengers personal space, your chances of meeting your soulmate on a plane are quite high. You never know when you could get lucky. 

Time to book a solo plane ticket to nowhere in particular!