What’s worse than not following the rules of a society or club? A poorly drafted notice urging people to follow sexist and regressive rules.

Recently, a notice from the Lake Sports Complex in Chandigarh started doing the rounds on social media for its over the top directives to members. It’s weird. It’s ridiculous.

Talking about the gym outfits members should adhere to, it also outlines a bit about the undergarments.

Only approved undergarments are to be worn. The list and samples of such garments are kept in the office. Members can bring their garments to the office for approval stamping.

The notice also asked gym members to wash their socks daily and use a nice deodorant or something to avoid foul smell.

It also reads that members should refrain from using foul language and making noises while lifting heavy weights and a list of permitted Punjabi bad words is available with the management.

The circular further noted that gym users wearing shorts must “shave their legs to preserve the decorum” and “avoid unnecessary attention”.  

Netizens couldn’t stop talking about the notice and its weird langauge.

The club members have apparently removed the notice after it went viral.