In a bizarre turn of events, a man from Chandigarh set foot outside to free a trapped rat but, little did he know that he would end up in jail for violating the lockdown rules.

Ajay Kumar, a resident of Sector 23 thought he would take the rat trap out to a nearby park and release the rodent which he successfully did but, on his way back he was apprehended by the police for defying the lockdown rules. 

In an interview with News18, Ajay said he told the police that he had come out to free a trapped rat but, they didn’t believe him. 

He was then taken to Sector 17 police station and booked for violating the lockdown rules. Though, he was released on bail later. 

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Well, at least now Ajay will think twice before stepping outside. 

So far, 88 coronavirus cases have been reported in Chandigarh.