Ever since its inception, ISRO has been known for its cost-effective missions and launches.

After the Mars Orbiter Mission of ISRO in 2013, claimed to be cheaper than Hollywood space movie Gravity, another most ambitious mission of ISRO, Chandrayaan-2 will be built at a total cost of just $124 million. 

Source: India.com

Apparently, this costs less than half the budget of the Hollywood blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, which has an estimated budget of $356 million.

Source: Ladbible

Chandrayaan-2 is a sequel to the successful Chandrayaan-1 mission, that confirmed the presence of water on the moon in 2009.

Earlier, ISRO had announced that it would launch Chandrayaan-2 in July 2019.

Chandrayaan-2 will be ISRO's first inter-planetary mission to land a rover on any celestial body and will put India into the club of elite nations landing on the moon.