Millions of hearts were shattered overnight when the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost connection with the Vikram orbiter, during their soft-landing of Chandrayaan 2 on Saturday, September 7.

Earlier, data claimed that the Lander, which performed the rough braking efficiently, failed in the final phase of its soft landing phase at a distance of about 5 km. 


Now, according to Financial Express, the distance when ISRO lost connection with the lander was barely 335 metres or 0.335 km from the Lunar surface. 

Financial Express

The control room data depicts the lander (in green) and noted a deviation when its altitude was just above 2 km and continued to fall before stopping at a distance of 335 to 400 metres.

If the mission would’ve gone according to plan, the lander would’ve lost velocity just 400 metres above the Moon’s surface and could have hovered above the exact landing point. 

It would then have been a simple task to proceed for the soft vertical descent.