Infidelity in a marriage is bad but, when you add a global pandemic into the mix, things can get complicated. 

An unidentified man in his late 30s, who went on a romantic trip with his mistress to Italy without his wife's knowledge, ended up testing positive for coronavirus. 


He tested positive after he allegedly began showing symptoms for the virus while he was vacationing in the UK. 

According to NY Post, while speaking to medical officers about how he might have contracted the virus, he confessed to having an extra-marital affair and about what he'd been up to in Italy. 


He also said that his wife had no idea about his secret trip. While talking about the incident a source said:

This patient is the talk of public health officials. His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious. The man confessed what he’d been up to in Italy, and that his wife has no idea. She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip away.

However, the man refused to reveal the identity of his mistress. At this point, he is just relieved he got home on time before flights got cancelled. 


Currently, his wife is under self-quarantine in their lavish home in North England but, she still has no clue about how or where her husband contracted the infection from. She just knows that her husband tested positive for COVID-19. 

Despite the infection, doctors say the man is expected to survive the outbreak but, the real question is, will his extra-marital affair survive or will he be getting a divorce soon?