Agra Government Railway Police headquarters is one of the cleanest, greenest offices in the state. Do you know their secret? The GRP has come up with a new punishment where staff who report late to office are expected to clean the premises as reported by The Times Of India

149 people who worked at the office (mainly constables)  were given this punishment in 2015.  The jury on disciplinary matters found their explanation for late arrival unsatisfactory. Nearly 200 members were warned that on late arrival one would have to clean the office premises.

Earlier they were made to jog in circles around the office premises for one hour, three times a day by carrying guns over their heads. 

b’Representational image | Source: PTI’

“Instead of awarding the regular punishment, the jury thought of involving the late-comers in social and team work. The effects are visible. The office now has a new look. Besides, the staff has also got more disciplined,” Senior superintendent of police, GRP, Gopesnath Khanna, told the daily.

This punishment was not only restricted to late comers. Even the ones who remained absent from work without prior permission, negligent members and people who were found boozing at work were given the same punishment.

The senior official finds the experiment a success and said this will continue in 2016 too. When a complaint arrives about a staff an inquiry and explanation is conducted. The jury pronounces its verdict based on it.