A video of an ambulance caught in a traffic jam in Chennai has been doing the rounds on the internet.

It has been alleged that the ambulance and other commuters were stopped by Chennai Police to allow a VIP convoy to pass. It is being believed that it was the convoy of Tamil Nadu CM, E Palaniswami.

After the video went viral, people criticised the Chennai Police for promoting VIP culture.

However, these allegations have been refuted by the Chennai police. They said that it was a regular check during lockdown and there was no patient in the ambulance.

Speaking to NDTV, a senior officer said:

The CM has always instructed never to stop traffic even during normal times. So there is no need to stop now. There were vehicle checks every where to stop violations. At one spot, an ambulance was stopped for a minute and there was no patient in that.

While it is still not clear what the truth is, an ambulance should always be given priority over other vehicles, no matter what.