To enjoy the sand and sun beneath their feet has been a dream for many in this ableist society. Chennai has been one of the few cities in the country to offer a chance to those with disabilities.


The Greater Chennai Corporation made a landmark (pun intended) decision with the installation of a temporary ramp at the Marina beach for people with disabilities after two years. 

The event which was planned for a week has been extended till January 16, 2022, so that differently-abled people can enjoy the sea and the marina beach for a longer duration.

-Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi


The Greater Chennai Corporation has made a portion of the beach behind the Gandhi Statue temporarily accessible for persons with disabilities. 


While earlier, carpets were used to set up the ramp, this time wood has been used to make the walkway easier and stable. Additionally, this will provide accessibility to the wheelchairs. 


The members of the community have been demanding a permanent walkway for the differently-abled. The commissioner has assured that in some time it will be created.

Five floating wheelchairs that can go closer to the sea and 50 normal wheelchairs are arranged by the GCC. But for the safety of differently-abled person and their dependants, we have advised that they be at a distance of 20 meters from the sea and not go into the water.

-Gagandeep Singh Bedi

India Today

Here’s to a change in the right direction!