Many people, across the country, lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic and the lockdown. 

And Karthik, who was an electronic salesman from Chennai was among the thousands who lost his job due to the pandemic. Kavishka, his 5-year-old daughter, who means the world to him, was born with a serious heart condition. 

Recently, Karthik had taken his daughter to a clinic for a check-up and that’s when the doctor suggested that she must go through a open-heart surgery but, due to the current circumstances Karthik couldn’t afford her treatment as he was struggling to make ends meet and gather funds. 

But, there was someone who offered a helping hand to Karthik when he needed it the most. P Senthil Kumar, a head constable who moved in as Karthik neighbour two years ago heard about Kavishka’s condition and decided to help. 

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In an interview with the The New Indian Express, Senthil Kumar said:

Just before the lockdown, in February, the doctors had advised Karthik that his girl child should go for an angiogram, but I heard that he was planning to postpone it since he did not have the money. My wife and I convinced Karthik to go for the angiogram and donated ₹30,000. 

Since more funds were required for the surgery, Senthil Kumar and his colleague, police inspector M Thangaraj arranged ₹5 lakh for the open-heart surgery. 

How did they manage to arrange ₹5 lakh? Apparently, the two policemen consulted the hospital authorities and collected ₹45,000 from all the personnel in the station.

Then, they managed to receive ₹1.25 lakhs through a government welfare scheme. And, through sponsors they managed to collect another ₹3 lakhs. 

After making all the arrangements, Kavishka was admitted for the surgery, one month ago. The surgery lasted 7 hours and she was in ICU for 15 days. After that, she spent another 15 days in the general ward. 

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Thanks to these policemen, today Kavishka is leading a healthier and a happier life. This heartwarming story re-instills our faith in humanity.

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