25-year-old Illayaram Sekar, from Chennai has been successful in creating a new world record for solving the most number of Rubik’s cubes underwater. 

Sekar solved six Rubik’s cubes underwater in a single breath. And, he has been awarded with a new Guinness World Records title for the same. The 25-year-old took two minutes and 17 seconds to solve the six cubes underwater.

In the video that’s doing rounds on social media, Sekar can be seen sitting inside a transparent container full of water while independent witnesses stood outside to verify his record attempt.

According to Guinness World Records, Sekar trained in a special form of yoga meditation called Pranayama to improve his underwater timing. 

Sekar is definitely overwhelmed with this achievement. In an interview he said:

This event was a turning point in my career. Now I’m stronger and ready to do more records. My personal opinion is this underwater category is the most difficult, that’s why I decided to do this first.

He also plans to set more records. He said:

I’ve started to learn how to ride a unicycle, it’s the next biggest category in cubing and I have a plan to do it next year.

Netizens also congratulated Sekar for creating a new world record. 

This year, Sekar finally managed to break his own world record after six years. Previously, in 2014, he held the record for solving 5 Rubik’s cubes underwater.