It was a sad day for the residents of Chennai on Saturday (30th November) as they woke up to the pungent smell due to froth formation on Marina Beach. 

However, experts say the froth formation maybe due to heavy rains that Chennai received over the past few days which may have carried untreated sewage and phosphate down to the sea. 

The other possibility for froth formation could also be the presence of chemicals in the beach. Whatever maybe the reason, this dreadful situation has definitely affected business of fishermen and tourism flow in Chennai. 

Residents have been warned not to go into the sea as it could lead to serious skin problems but children can be seen playing and taking selfies in the clouds of white suds on Marina Beach. 

Marina Beach maybe India’s longest beach but it is in dire need of help. The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board said they are analysing samples from the foam which has spread several kilometres along the beach.

Concerned citizens took to Twitter to express their concern over this new pollution hazard that our country is facing. 

This beach is visited by thousands of people everyday and it has bagged the title of being the centrepiece of Chennai life for more than a century but now, its future looks bleak.