Many students have been missing out on their classes as they don’t have a smartphone or proper access to the internet. 

And, while this is a cause of concern, a dedicated teacher from Chhattisgarh, Rudra Rana, came up with an innovative way of teaching students who are missing out on their classes due to the pandemic.

Rana from Koriya district of Chhattisgarh goes around in a bike with a blackboard and chalk to conduct ‘mohalla’ classes for students in the area. 

In an interview with ANI he said:

As students can’t go to schools, I’m bringing education to their doorstep. Many students don’t have access to online education, so this is helpful.

He sets up his classroom on the street and students happily join in. Rana and the students also maintain social distancing during the classes. 

People have been praising the teacher for his noble work and his dedication towards his students.

Dedicated and passionate teachers like Rana are doing everything they can to make things easier for their students. And, it’s heartwarming to see that.