Women’s safety is a huge concern in India. As the rape cases continue to rise, I don’t know where we are leading as a country. 

But, here’s a story that shows us a different side of society that is safe and progressive for women. And we hope many of us think like this.


Meet the Bison-Horn Murias Tribe from Chhattisgarh, which has almost no sex crimes, as reported by Vice. They claim their age-old tradition that puts an end to crime against women. 

Bastar is the tribal heartland of India. It is home to Indian tribal culture and many tribal groups across the world. It is also the home to the Bison Horn Murias family, which we talk about today.

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The Murias has a unique tradition called ‘ghotul’ that imparts physical education, skill training, sex awareness, and uninhibited entertainment.

What makes the tribe different is their progressive sex customs that end the taboo of pre-marital sex. 

Parth Varshney, a graphic designer from Mumbai who encountered the tribe, told Vice.

It seemed like I’d stepped into a different world altogether. Bare-breasted women and men would sexually tease each other while performing their ritual dance, and there were no inhibitions whatsoever. No one was conscious about anything, and there was no question of anyone taking offence.” 
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Part of the Gondal tribe group, they have spread across south-central India. The name of the tribe is derived from a distinctive headgear known as the “tallagulla,” which originally would be adorned with the Indian bison’s horns and peacock feathers.

The Bison Horn Maria tribe believes they are children of earth, and this dictates everything they do as a society. 


What makes their tribe almost free from sex crimes are the practices they follow. The tribes do not add any value on premarital chastity.” 

Moreover, premarital sex is considered even “necessary to determine compatibility before marriage.” 


Their flexible conventions related to marriage, procreation, and sex reflect why the tribe is free from sexual crimes.

In societies where the woman is considered property, widow remarriage will always be shunned, but Murias should be adopted by each one of us. 

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Renu, a 38-year-old farmer from the tribe says. 

“In some families, the mother-in-law will try her best to get a suitable groom for the widow. This is also one of the reasons why you will never read about a case of violence against women, because there are no inhibitions. Sex is not caged. We hold the earth sacred, not man-made institutions like marriage.”

There are no sexual crimes recorded against women since forever. “There is no sexual frustration among the men. Everyone is free to fall in love or fall out of it. Marriages aren’t sacrosanct because human beings, who created the institution, aren’t sacrosanct themselves.”

The tribe believes in normalising premarital sex and widow remarriage in the modern world.

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As you read up more, there is so much more to know about this tribe. And how they are adapting to change with modern society and government laws. 

Indeed, this is the kind of progress we need for women in our society.