Beed is a district of Maharashtra that suffers from a grave water crisis. The taps have been dry for years, the earth is coarse and the wells look like unending pits of darkness with just a bleak sign of water.

So what then, do these people of this district do for basic survival?

They make their children fetch water from the depths of the endless wells.

Source: NDTV

The children of Beed do not get to go to schools as being tied up with rough ropes and being lowered into wells is a risky and time consuming business.

“The situation is quite bad. Our parents don’t let us go to school. We have to get water from far away… daily we have to enter the well to take out water,” a child told NDTV.

Source: Sodahead

Can the Indian government please do something about this, immediately?

Our children deserve to be in schools, getting enlightened. Not in wells, surrounded by the pits of darkness.