Amidst growing fear and paranoia about the coronavirus, more than 10,000 cases have already been confirmed within China. 

Apart from those under critical care, more than 250 people have lost their lives due to the outbreak of this new virus. 

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According to Quartz, the Chinese authorities have taken major steps to ensure the outbreak can be controlled within their boundaries.

The biggest step was to start building a brand-new hospital, which will take approximately a week to be built completely. 

Drone footage of the construction site show a ballet of bulldozers digging the foundation. More trucks then can be seen hauling in steel and other material to complete the construction work in record time. 

Huoshenshan Hospital, the first of the two to-be constructed units, is expected to be operational by Monday, February 3. It will have over 1000 beds. 

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With an equally ambitious timeline, Leishenshan Hospital is expected to be operational by Wednesday, February 5. It will have a capacity of at least 1300 beds. 

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Scott Rawlings, who leads similar construction work in Hong Kong and China, clarified though that what the Chinese are building is not exactly a hospital but a kind of trauma center. 

He said: 

I would hesitate to refer to the hospital being erected today in Wuhan as a permanent hospital, and it is certainly not a full-service facility. When we are designing the latter, we consider the building’s use and adaptability for 75 years into the future. China does not have that luxury in designing its new hospital in Wuhan.
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With no time for consultations for a custom design, Wuhan officials are using blueprints from the Xiaotangshan Hospital, a 1,000-bed facility, that was built in Beijing in a week during the SARS epidemic in 2003.