Recently, Wuhan city in China announced that it will build a 1,000-bed hospital in 6 days to treat patients who are infected with the coronavirus.    

This measure is being taken after the outbreak left 56 people dead in China. Reports also mention that there are 1,975 confirmed cases of the said virus in the country.

The hospital will be similar to a Beijing hospital set in 2003 which was set up to tackle the Sars virus. The diggers have already started with their work on a 270,000-square-foot lot which is slated for completion on Feb. 3.

It’s basically a quarantined hospital where they send people with infectious diseases so it has the safety and protective gear in place. 

The Beijing hospital was constructed in 7 days, so the construction team in Wuhan are attempting to break that record. This hospital is being constructed to address the insufficiency of existing medical resources.  

Coronavirus are a group of viruses that can spread through cough, a sneeze or even a handshake could cause exposure to this virus.