Amidst the rising Indo-China tension at the LAC, troops of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have reportedly installed loudspeakers at the Finger 4 region and have been playing Punjabi songs for Indian soldiers. 

The Hindu

This comes in the wake of Indian troops carrying out round-the-clock patrols and observations at the dominating height, near Finger-4 which directly overlooks the position of the Chinese troops. 

Zee News

Furthermore, the post at which the Chinese troops have installed the loudspeakers, comes directly under the surveillance of the Indian Army. 

Financial Express

This tactic comes right after three firing incidents that have taken place in the area in the past 20 days. 

The Print

In fact, on September 8,  there was an incident between the two countries near Finger 4, where more than 100 rounds were fired between the troops of the two sides. 


However, according to reports, this incident by the Chinese troops could ‘perhaps be to relieve the pressure’ or ‘to distract our troops’.