There’s 200 million single people in China, and not all of them are too happy about that. To address this tragic situation, a special 10-carriage train, known as the Y999 Love-Pursuit Train, was created 3 years ago. 


Last week, over 1000 young men and women took an overnight trip on the love express in the hopes of finding that special someone. 

Since its first voyage 3 years ago, more than 3000 young folks have been aboard the train on its annual trips, and 10 couples have even gotten married after meeting each other on the journey.

According to the Daily Mail, the trip is a two-day one-night outing that was initiated by the railway authority of Chengdu along with the Communist Youth League of Chongqing.


The passengers play various games designed by the organisers, and also enjoy a variety of dining options. All of this helps the participants get to know each other. 

The year, travellers on the unique journey were invited to stop over at the ancient water town of Zhuo Shui, where they watched a traditional performance and enjoyed a 1000 people banquet.


  A woman named Yang Huan said she has already found a boyfriend during the journey.

We realised that we both wanted the kind of love that is depicted in the poem To the Oak Tree, when both sides admire each other but remain independent.

The idea of a Tinder on wheels might seem unusual, but it has to be understood that China has a massive gender gap. According to some estimates, almost 30 million Chinese men will be wifeless over the next 30 years. The phenomenon wass caused by the one-child policy, which resulted in several couples aborting their unborn girl in order to have a boy. The policy was removed in 2016.


I guess while some people say love is a journey, these folks took it literally!