While we are still debating whether the cracker-ban to control pollution was justified or not, China has made a daring move. 

A story by Forbes reports that in a never-seen-before battle against pollution, China recently shut down tens of thousands of factories.


The action is a desperate attempt to jolt the country out of their ignorance and see the catastrophe that lies ahead. 

With the country’s pollution emission level increasing by leaps and bounds, these factories await clearance by environmental bureau officials. As per reports, about 80,000 factories have been charged for violating emission limits.


The extensive investigation has affected the market drastically and is expected to increase costs and potentially affect GDP due to the blow to the manufacturing sector. 

China’s current concentration of hazardous fine particulate matter stands at 47 micrograms per cubic meter which the government aims to lower to 35 micrograms by the year 2035. This is in line with the Clean Air Act proposition of United States in early 1960s. 


Even though this implementation has rendered factory owners to find a way to respect environmental laws besides keeping up the production. It is a breath of relief for the Chinese citizens who are counting on cleaner environment and better health.

Setting an example of ‘sacrificing something today to secure the future’, it’s about time India too looks at the bigger picture and makes a bold move to sustain the environment.