Lisa Li is a famous Chinese social media blogger. She has over 1 million followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where she presents her glamourous lifestyle to her avid fans. 

However, a video of her apartment in Xi’an was posted online by her landlord Ms. Chen, and is now doing rounds on social media for being extremely disgusting. Ms. Chen exposed her ‘double life’ on Weibo, contrasting how she portrays herself online and how she really lives. 


In a guided tour of Li’s apartment posted online by her landlord, viewers can see the reality. The video shows objects upturned, things lying on the floor and dog poop covering many surfaces. Ms Chen slammed the ‘beautiful woman’ persona Li presented online that contrasted with the ‘disgusting’ woman who left her apartment trashed.


Ms Chen reportedly also complained that even professional cleaners she tried to hire refused to clean the dirty apartment. She added that the blogger also owed her 3,000 yuan in unpaid utility bills.


Since the video was posted online, Li has returned to apologise to her landlord in a video of her own. She even cleaned the apartment on her own, using a dustpan to sweep up the dog excrement. Li took full responsibility for the mess.

In spite of this, the blogger has faced a lot of criticism and flak online, where many of her followers have unfollowed her, calling her a ‘fake’.