A Chinese vlogger, named only by his surname Sun, has died aged 35 after consuming poisonous bugs and geckos alive, reports 9GAG

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Sun was found lying unconscious by his girlfriend at his flat in the eastern city of Heifei. 

Eating a combination of weird things like geckos and centipedes as part of a sick challenge, Sun was broadcasting a live video for his set of followers when the incident happened. 

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A giant wheel behind him listed items like bugs, geckos, alcohol, raw eggs and even vinegar for the challenge. 

He attempted and completed the challenge but fell unconscious soon after, allegedly dying before being found out.  

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According to Xinan Evening News, Sun was a popular figure on DouYu – China’s state-approved equivalent of YouTube. 


Sun was broadcasting live for his 15,000 odd followers and downed bottles of alcohol and vinegar. 

He collapsed during the stream and later cops revealed the camera was still on when they were taking away his body. 

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Sun’s videos have since been removed from the DouYu site.